Fear & Yoga in New Jersey

From a '74 Mustang to a Chevy Suburban, author Debra Galant's Cars from a Marriage charts the important events-big and small-in one couple's relationship by way of the automobiles that drive them throughout the course of their lives. The cars steer us from their first meeting, to their first fight, and down the line to a family funeral. Finally, it's on a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway that Ivy and Ellis come to some serious and illuminating realizations about their lives. With insights that alternate between hilarious and profound, Galant provides a unique, unforgettable portrait of a marriage.

Available April 27 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at an indie near you.

"This family is far from perfect, and Galant proves adept at revealing what's in their hearts, giving readers an affecting and strikingly honest look at a marriage." Publisher's Weekly   Publishers Weekly
"Galant's third novel (following Fear and Yoga in New Jersey, 2008) delivers wit, charm, and characters who feel like next-door neighbors." Booklist   Booklist
"Laugh-out-loud funny, and at times very, very sad. Just like a marriage." Crazy for Books   crazy for books
"Both laugh-out-loud funny and a thoughtful portrait of the complexity of marriage" Ladies Home Journal   ladies home journal
"She was speaking about my backyard, and doing so with a wit and insight I admired" Lisa Romeo Writes   lisa romeo writes
"As moms, we all know that life is lived in the car." Motherproof   motherproof
"When I heard she was writing a humorous novel about married life, I knew I'd be sold" I'm Gonna Kill Him!   i'm gonna kill him
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